Fountain Pumps with Long Cords

Fountain Pumps with Long Cords

We get a lot of calls for fountain pumps with long cords, as many customers have fountains located far from their electrical outlets. Using an extension cord adds an electrical hazard, so it is best to try to not use that option, whenever possible.

Our Fountain Tech line of fountain pumps come with mighty long cords starting at the 250 gallon per hour range.

You can order our Fountain Tech 250, 300, 450, 650, and 1250 pumps with 25' of cord if you want. Our 1500 GPH pump comes standard with a 33' cord.

Our larger pumps offer the longest cords. The Fountain Tech 1900 comes standard with a 50' cord. Our Ftech 3500 and FT6000 pumps come standard with 33' cords.

In addition, our pond fountain pumps come with 100' cord standard. Our 3500 GPH model also can be bought with 150' of cable. Our 6000 GPH floating fountain pumps come with 100', 150' cord, or 200' cords, which provides a very versatile range for those with large ponds.

In addition, we sell the complete line of Kasco Marine products, and their fountains come with up to 500' cords. Keep in mind that because of the price of copper and the larger diameter wire needed for long stretches, long cords on Kasco units can become expensive. Whenever possible, it is best if you have an electrical outlet nearby the pond.

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