Floating Pond Fountains

Our own line of fountains is fit for small to large bodies of water for those on a tight budget. Our selection of pond fountains is designed to provide a stunning view, easy installation and energy-efficiency. Create grand displays or small features - let us help you craft the outdoor oasis of your dreams today!

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How Does a Floating Pond Fountain Work?

Floating pond fountains are designed to aerate and decorate the water body. They circulate surface water that's already oxygenated, increasing oxygen levels below the surface and reducing algae growth. This makes for a clear, aesthetically pleasing pond.

How Do You Make a Pond Fountain Float?

A floating fountain works by suspending a pump to a float and using different types of nozzle jets to aerate and decorate the water. The floating pond fountains are also anchored to ensure they remain in place and function correctly.

Each pond floating fountain kit comes with an installation guide and clear directions. You can contact us for more information if you need assistance making your fountain work. We also have online setup videos for customers setting up the pond fountain for the first time.

Pond Aerator Vs. Pond Fountains

Trying to figure out whether you should invest in a pond aerator or a pond fountain is a daunting task for someone purchasing one for the first time.

A pond aerator adds oxygen and induces circulation within the pond for better water quality management. Fountains are designed to enhance the aesthetics of the space and throw water in the air to create an appealing pattern. Fountain still aerate but less than simple aerators.

How Much Do Floating Pond Fountains Cost?

Floating pond fountains' cost ranges from one model to the next. It's all about determining pond size and the amount of water it holds. We have a variety of small and large pond fountains for small ponds and large ponds alike, and we can discuss them in greater detail to help you find one that fits within your budget.

Maintenance of Pond Fountains

Pond fountains and aerators require very little maintenance. Keep a close eye on the pump’s water to ensure it is free from debris or fallen leaves. When clogged, the same pump can overheat and malfunction. Try and remove the pond fountain during winter months to avoid any damage. Scott Fountains do not need to be removed during winter.

Enhance the Pond Fountain with Lights

Customized LED lights for fountains can enhance the overall look. Buy warm white or colorful changing-color pond fountain lights to boost the aesthetic appeal.

What Are the Benefits of a Floating Pond Fountain?

Floating pond fountains add an aesthetically pleasing asset to your home, but that's not all. Other benefits of floating pond fountains include aerating the water, reducing algae growth, lessening noxious odors, and decreasing mosquito activity for a healthy pond.