How to Anchor Your Fountain

Whether you’re committing to a small pond fountain or a large pond fountain, understanding how to keep it safe and secure after installation is essential to its longevity.

Here’s how to anchor a pond fountain:

To keep the float in place, we recommend using a tether line. This will keep your achor from drifting all over the pond. Typically, we suggest using a black rope as your tether so that it blends in with the pond and doesn’t stick out.

Pond Fountain Anchor: Finding the Best Option For You

Depending on how you use your pond will determine the best option for anchoring your pond fountain. You can tether to the shore, attaching the rope to a stake, fence or other fixed object at opposite shorelines of the pond.

If you boat or swim in your pond, you can use weights or cinder blocks as the pond fountain anchor. This will bring the weight to the bottom of the pond and keep the fountain afloat. If you use this method, be sure to attach a flotation device to the tether rope when you bring your pond fountain in for servicing.

To be successful in the pond fountain anchor cinder block method, read the diagram below: