How to Anchor

How to Anchor Your Fountain or Aerator

To keep this float in place (so it does not drift all over the pond), a tether line is used. Typically this is black rope so as to blend in with the pond's surface. Most of our customers tether to the shore, with rope being attached to stakes or fences or some other fixed object at opposite shorelines. But if you boat in your pond or swim you might want to tether to cinder blocks or other weights at pond's bottom. If you use this method, when you bring in your fountain for winter or servicing it is necessary to attach some kind of floatation device to the tether rope so you do not lose it when you detach from the float. But crucially, do not plan on placing cinder blocks directly below the float. The diagram below (furnished by Kasco) illustrates proper tethering when using the cinder block method.