Kasco pond fountain

Fountains for HOAs

Fountains for HOAs? No problem. We at Fountain Mountain know that HOA's and city governments can take a while to pay because of the time it takes to process paperwork.

We say, that is no problem!

We take all major credit cards and offer 60-day terms if you wish to pay by check.

If you give us a call or send us an email, you will likely also get a discount, as we cannot advertise online below minimum advertised prices. But we can charge you less if you order by phone, email, or fax.

Fountain Mountain offers the best brands for those looking for industrial-quality fountains. 

Do you need super-large displays? Then we recommend buying one of our Scott pond fountains. Scott fountains come in a variety of displays to fit your needs, from 1/3 to 3HP units. All with five year warranties. Displays reach as high as 80'! Scott produces a wide range of display and aerating fountains to fit your needs, especially if you require big displays.

Do you need displays that provide maximum aeration? Then we recommend buying a Kasco pond fountain. Kasco Marine provides great aeration ability even for their decorative fountains, as their biologists on staff insist on healthy water/pond ecosystems. This company employs several engineers as well as biologists to keep your fountains and aerators running reliably and effectively. Kasco manufactures decorative surface pond fountains, aerating surface pond fountains, surface aerators, bottom aerator systems using compressors and diffusers, beneficial bacteria to reduce muck and algae in an environmentally safe way (no permits required!). mixers, and wide range of LED lighting systems.

We also sell circulators for docks and marinas. Our Kasco circulators are clog-resistant and produce constant water movement to keep docks, marinas, canals, shorelines, and other areas free from algae, floating debris, and foul odors. The patent-pending new technology features a prop guard with smooth, rounded tines to ensure maintenance-free continuous operation. This unique design allows floating debris to slip off the guard rather than wrap around the motor shaft or prop.

And of course we offer plenty of LED lighting systems, some programmable to music. You can buy LED systems from Fountain Tech, Kasco, Scott, and Anjon, many of them universal to fit any float and some specially crafted to fit specific manufacturers' design.

Our decorative fountains include Scott fountains, able to reach heights of up to  80', for truly tall displays. We also sell Kasco fountains, providing beautiful displays and the most aeration on the market. Our discount line of fountains includes our own brand of Fountain Tech fountains, manufactured for us by our specifications.

We sell the best bottom aeration units as well, offering the most aeration on the market.

Our fountains use 110v to 480v 3-phase units.

Fountain Mountain started in 1999 and has been distributing fountains since 2003! We have the know-how and experience to guide you to the right path.

We pride ourselves in customer happiness.


 Closeup of Aeration Flow of Kasco Fountain

underwater diffuser Underwater Photo of Kasco diffuser


Fountain Mountain, established in 1999 and still going strong, also offers a discount line of fountains through our Fountain Tech brand. These fountain kits all include mooring rope, durable floats, reliable pumps from 3500 to 14,000 gallons per hour, multiple nozzles (2-6 displays per kit), and you can also use our discount line of Fountain Tech and Anjon lights to illuminate at night.

We are happy to provide high quality customer service and usually ship the same day we receive an order if buying one of our Fountain Tech products. If purchasing a Kasco Marine product of Scott, it often takes a few days for production. But we will keep you informed and send tracking numbers as soon as we get them.



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