Remove Dock Debris

Remove Dock Debris

Remove dock debris from docks and marinas to ensure safe navigation and protect the marine environment. Here are some steps you can follow to clear debris:

  1. Assess the extent of debris: Before you begin clearing debris, assess the extent of the debris and the type of debris. This will help you determine the tools and equipment you will need to effectively clear the debris.

  2. Use protective gear: When clearing debris, make sure you wear protective gear, such as gloves and boots, to protect yourself from sharp objects or hazardous materials.

  3. Use appropriate tools: Depending on the type of debris, you may need different tools to clear it. For example, a net can be used to collect floating debris, while a rake or shovel may be used to remove debris that has sunk to the bottom.

  4. Dispose of the debris properly: Once you have collected the debris, make sure you dispose of it properly. Some debris can be recycled, while others may need to be taken to a waste management facility.

  5. Regular maintenance: To prevent debris from accumulating in the future, establish a regular maintenance schedule for your dock or marina. This could include periodic inspections and cleaning, as well as education and outreach efforts to encourage responsible waste management by marina users.

A year-round solution without constant labor is here!

To keep docks and marinas clear year-round, we suggest using a Kasco Aquaticlear dock and marina circulator. AquatiClear by Kasco is a water circulator featuring top-notch engineering. This clog-resistant circulator produces continuous water movement to keep docks, marinas, canals, shorelines, and other areas free from algae, floating debris, and foul odors. With revolutionary Clean Current Technology (patent pending),

AquatiClear features a brand-new composite prop guard with smooth, rounded tines to ensure maintenance-free continuous operation. This unique design allows floating debris to slip off the guard rather than wrap around the motor shaft or prop.

It is the easiest solution to remove dock debris without constant maintenance.

remove dock debris

AquatiClear capitalizes on Kasco’s proven circulator design. It’s the only circulator on the market that runs continuously without the need to clean out clogs from weeds and other debris.

  • Easily mount with Horizontal Float Kit or Universal Mount Kit
  • Universal Mount Kit packages include Simple Swivel bracket allowing for easy rotation of the unit to direct flow of water.
  • Optional control panels include human-rated GFCI protection
  • ETL Listed to UL and CSA Standards
  • 2-year warranty

Packages include:

  • AquatiClear unit
  • Power cord
  • Control panel and mounting kits are optional
  • Free shipping!

Though we have only mentioned the universal mount kit here, you may also purchase a floating mount kit. This kit includes a float, 3 tie-down loops to secure the float, a power cord strain relief clip, and the unit may be placed and three different angles to clear debris and keep your docks and marina looking clean and safe for boats and propellers. There is a 3-year warranty on the float.

We truly believe in Kasco Marine products, as they have both engineers and biologists on staff, for the best engineering and marine climate expertise out there.

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