New Kasco Nozzle for Long and Narrow Ponds

New Kasco Nozzle for Long and Narrow Ponds

If you have a long an narrow pond but would like a grand fountain display, your options have so far been limited. Mostly in the past you have need to use geyser type fountains. But the new fern premium nozzle is meant for those who want to have a dazzling, multi-stream display pattern.

You can add the new fern nozzle to any of Kasco's decorative fountains from 2HP - 7.5 horsepower. Here are the display patterns for this new "2-dimensional" nozzle.

2 HP    12' x 36' x 2' wide
3 HP    16' x 54' x 2' wide
5 HP     20' x 70' x 2' wide
7.5 HP  24' x 66' x 2' wide  

For more information on any  Kasco premium nozzles, please see link.

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