Maintaining Kasco pond fountains

Best Tips for Maintaining Kasco Pond Fountains

While fountains are a delightful addition to any residential property, they need constant care and maintenance. If taken care of properly, pond fountains can provide many years of aesthetic beauty and appeal. Many first-time owners may not be fully aware of the steps taken to ensure a long lifespan of a fountain. So here are five best practices to follow to ensure the unit performs at its best all year long. Read on to know the eBay tips for Kasco Pond fountains care.

Clean the Unit and Remove in Freezing Weather

This is one of the most important steps for Kasco Pond fountains care but is often overlooked given the busy schedule of most people. In ponds that freeze during the winter, it is essential to remove the entire unit, including pump, motor, and lights to make sure there is no damage to the unit. Freezing weather causes contraction and expansion that can damage the unit.

Also, debris can occasionally get caught up in the unit like plastics or fishing nets. You must stay proactive during this step to keep area clear around the area where the unit is used. It would help if you also controlled vegetation and weed build-up before putting your into the pond for use.

Check Sacrificial Anode Regularly

The sacrificial anode attracts corrosive properties, as a result of which it protects the stainless steel parts of the unit. It is suggested that you change the anode once a year, probably when you remove from pond during freezing winters, if that is necessary. The sacrificial anode is very easy to replace and inexpensive.

Check for Damage

Fountains are very durable. However, they only maintain peak performance when handled with utmost care. So be careful not to jar wires out of place or dent the can. Refrain from turning the unit on and off frequently as it can generate friction that may not knock your unit out but put unnecessary strain on it. Make sure you store it upside down when not in use, as it will help direct the flow upwards. Also, ensure that you oil the seals and keep them properly lubricated.

Perform Routine Maintenance Every Three Years

To maintain optimal performance, make sure you follow the maintenance guidelines for your unit. You may also familiarize yourself with your new fountain. It is better if you get to know your unit and its warranty as it will help you assist the maintenance professional as they troubleshoot any complications that may come up.

Test Your Ground Fault Regularly

Doing this will ensure safety around the unit. Every two months, hit the test button on the breaker and ensure that you reset when you are done.

Why Do You Need to Reinstall Your Units in Spring?

  • As the temperature increases, there will be an increase in oxygen demand.
  • Fish activity is stimulated around this time. While the temperatures are still cooler, it is the right time to stock more fish.
  • This is the time when pollen drops to the water's surface and stays at the surface, thus preventing proper aeration. It can also add to the oxygen demand.

To Sum Up

The above steps will help you maintain your Kasco fountain at its optimal performance and ensure a long lifespan for your unit.

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