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Exploring the VFX Range of Kasco Pond Fountains You Can Opt For

If you are looking to add a beautiful fountain to your pond, Kasco offers a wide variety of aerator fountains for different pond sizes. Kasco is a world-leading manufacturer of decorative fountains and aeration fountains for lakes and ponds. Their VFX fountain line delivers optimal aeration for your pond or lake with a beautiful and classic V-shaped fountain display. Kasco fountains are easy to install and operate and energy efficient. So let us compare the various VFX models of Kasco pond fountains.

What Size Do You Need?

The difference between a decorative fountain and an aerating fountain is that the decorative fountain uses an impeller, whereas an aerating fountain uses a propeller. Thus, aerating fountains provide more aeration but have only one display, created by the propeller: the V-pattern. There are no nozzles to restrict water flow. For optimal aeration, Kasco recommends a 1HP Kasco pump for every ¾ acre of pond size. Kasco pumps are accurately rated for horsepower.

Kasco 2400-VFX Aerator-1/2 HP 120Volt

This model has an impressive pattern, and the design offers high efficiency and lower power consumption. This reduces overall operating cost and is also clog-resistant. You can get Kasco pond fountains in this model that works efficiently even in shallow water. This model is also environmentally friendly and has a rugged motor. Its stainless steel parts remain stringless regardless of the water quality. You can get excellent durability from this model, due to the stainless steel parts.

Kasco 3400 VFX Aerator-3/4HP Volt

This model is perfect for a floating rating pond fountain for small to medium ponds. The Kasco 3400 VFX aerator has been a best-seller for years, mostly chosen for its aesthetically pleasing display of water. It comes with a water-deflecting nozzle that offers clog resistance and works well even in shallow water. The motors also have an environmentally friendly design and are lubricated with flood oil for impressive heat dissipation.

Kasco 4400 VFX Aerator-1 HP 120 Volt

This is a floating aerating fountain best suited for large and medium ponds. It is perfect if you want to improve the aesthetics and give the best vibes to your pond. Kasco 4400 VFX aerator gives you the highest water flow. It can also add oxygen to the body of water and promote pond aeration. Ti comes with a control box that is GFCI-protected. This model has an innovative float design that creates an aesthetically appealing appearance and an attractive decorative shape. It also features a 4-prop propeller for extra aeration.

Kasco 3400H-VFX Aerator-3/4 HP 240 Volt

This is a floating aeration fountain perfect for small and medium-sized ponds. The installation is super easy, and the model ensures that it gives your pond an aesthetically pleasing display. It has a maximum oxygenation feature that ensures that your pond’s health improves significantly. This model also comes with a control box and a timer.

Kasco 4400HVFX Aerator-1HP 240 Volt

If improving your pond’s aesthetic appeal is your priority, you need to opt for the Kasco 4400HVFX aerator. This 208-240v system can add a touch of elegance to your pond. This fountain pond is easy to install and can help enhance the appeal of a pond fountain using lights. It features 4-prop propellers for extra aeration. It has low operation and power consumption costs.

Kasco 8400-VFX Aerator-2HP 240 Volt

This model is an eye-catching and appealing display with a large motor and enhanced propeller design, offering 2.5x more water flow. It ensures maximum oxygen to improve the overall water quality. You can also get LED lights for this variant to enhance the aesthetics with changing lights or warm white lights.

Wrapping Up

Installing a Kasco aerator fountain will give your pond the wow factor and the surrounding environment will get a much-needed boost in longevity and efficiency. This line of Kasco marketing fountains can help remove harmful minerals from the water, thus reducing the growth of algae and creating an environment that is rich in oxygen and healthy for marine life.

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