Horsepower, Flow Rates, and Pond Fountains

Pump Horsepower, Fountain Flow Rates, and Pond Fountains

As we have stated in another article, pump horsepower and fountain flow rates can be deceptive.

Horsepower can be rated by input horsepower and output horsepower. Input horsepower is calculated by the energy going into the pump, but output horsepower takes into consideration the pump's efficiency. Many times when we look at horsepower ratings for pumps it is evident that fountain companies are posting input horsepower, which can sometimes be three times the amount of output horsepower, which is the measure that matters to the consumer. 

Likewise, the flow rate of a pump is important, but the measure the customer most needs to know is "evacuative flow rate." 

Kasco fountains and aerators are measured using evacuative testing (catching all the water thrown past the propeller or nozzle and then measuring it). This is the most accurate method for knowing the true flow rate, which is what will determine the amount of aeration achieved.

To obtain very tall displays, often the display patterns of some manufacturers severely restrict the flow of water, as the nozzle holes are thin and the patterns are wispy, thus resulting in a breakdown of the display pattern in windy conditions.

We know this gets kind of technical for the average consumer, but you can tell a  lot by looking at pictures of fountain displays, e.g., if the displays appear to be created by thick or thin streams of water.

As always, we encourage customers to purchase Kasco Fountains, as their horsepower ratings are honest and accurate and their evacuative measurements of flow are trustworthy.


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