Five Key Tips to Follow to Keep Your Outdoor Fountain Maintained All-Season

Five Key Tips to Follow to Keep Your Outdoor Fountain Maintained All-Season

Whether you own a fountain at your home, or at a public place, it is something that adds to the overall beauty of the premises and the surrounding area. It sure is an eye-attraction, while also contributing to the eco-friendliness of your property.

However, the objective with a fountain can only be achieved when you know how to maintain and care for the fountain. We have appended some key tips below to help you:

  1. Ensure You Have a Quality Fountain Water Pump

The function and the lifespan of the fountain depends heavily on the quality of the equipment you have. So, make sure that you invest in a reliable and worthy outdoor fountain pump, specific to the type of fountain, water pumping requirements, along with other equipment and accessories. Too much water and there is far too much splash, which is just going to waste water and not add to the beauty. Too little water and your fountain will not distribute water evenly over its tiers, if it has them, or will otherwise not create the optimal effect from the water feature. Some pumps are adjustable, but many of them do not adjust much, less than about 5% up or down in water flow. If using PVC pipe, you can always add a valve to the line to reduce or increase the flow of pump.

  1. Know What Type of Water to Use to Fill-in the Fountain

The best option is to go for distilled water that is pure and without any sediment. But even with distilled water, you can still get algae buildup. And if your fountain evaporates a lot of water, then you would need to keep refilling with costly water, so most people use water straight from the tap. There are chemicals you can add to the fountain that can be purchased online; some to reduce algae; others to reduce scale and mineral deposits. Read the instructions to make sure they are safe for fish and birds and other animals.

  1. At What Interval You Need to Fill the Fountain

This is one aspect that depends totally on your precise requirements and variables. If there is high humidity and high temperature, you may need to fill it more often. The same is the case when you have a large-area fountain, where the evaporation rate will be higher.

Also more the fountain is on, the higher will be the rate for circulation and thus evaporation, meaning you will need more frequent water filling. Also, for seasonal changes, the requirements for filling in the fountain also changes. Wind can have a lot of influence, as water is sent outside of the fountain basin area. These are some key aspects that you must take in mind and consult a professional to keep your fountain maintained the right way. Probably the best solution is to add an auto-fill line to your fountain. These work similarly to toilet bowl auto fills, with a float installed that will refill your basin when water reaches a certain low level.

  1. Know the Right Method of Cleaning the Fountain

Like you keep any of your other assets clean and maintained, the same should be the objective behind the maintenance of your fountain. Make sure that you clean your fountain periodically, using gentle and right cleaning equipment and ingredients. Draining the fountain now and then to clean it is suggested. You should also periodically inspect the pump's impeller, which is normally just behind the inlet cover or your pump. Make sure that you are cleaning and then rinsing the basin thoroughly. Also, ensure to keep away from using harsh cleaning agents and rough scrubbing. Also, regularly circulating water will mean fewer algae; but if you do so face this problem, then you must get that good algae cleaning agent as mentioned above.

  1. Act Fast When You Notice the Pump Making Any Noise

If you are witnessing the pump making noises, then you must act fast and check for the problem. This could happen because the water level is below the intake of your pump, leading to sucking-in of air instead of water. Also, check if the pump needs re-priming? Assess what the problem is and act fast to get it solved the right way.

When your pump is no longer working, then do thorough research and get it replaced by a high-quality outdoor fountain pump.

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