Best Fountain Displays by Kasco

Best Fountain Displays by Kasco

We think that the best fountain displays on the market are offered by Kasco Marine. Competitors can reach higher heights. True. And competitors often include nice displays, but the most intricate displays are those by Kasco, when using their premium nozzle line.

As noted elsewhere in our blogs, for aeration to be effective lots of water needs to escape from the pump's outlet. To get nozzles to spray high, more restriction must be placed on the pump by making nozzle holes small. A 5,000 gallon per hour (or 83 gallon per minute, same thing) pump might only pump out 1,500 gallons per hour once the water escapes the nozzle. Kasco always tries to balance aeration and decoration, even for their decorative fountains. So though they don't shoot as high as some competitors, the holes are large enough to allow greater discharges of water volume. 

These premium nozzles are now available for all of the Kasco JF (decorative) models. Aerating fountain models only provide a "V" display. But decorative (display) fountains come with several nozzles PLUS you can add a premium nozzle if desired.

  Mahogany at Night

  Madrone at Day

  Might Oak at Day

  Magnolia at Day

  Palm at Day

To see what is available to so you know the dimensions of each nozzles, we are including the table below.

Pattern 3/4 & 1HP Part # 3/4HP 1HP 2 - 7-1/2HP Part # 2HP 3HP 5HP 7-1/2HP
Mighty Oak 431335 10 x 24 13 x 34 841335K 14.5 x 40 19.5 x 51 24.5 x 58 27 x 60
Magnolia 431325 9 x 29 11.5 x 37 841325K 13.5 x 44 18 x 60 23.5 x 72 26 x 80
Mahogany 431345 11.5 x 28 14 x 34 841345K 16 x 40 21 x 58 28 x 64 29 x 72
Madrone 431330 11.5 x 28 14 x 35 841330K 15 x 43 20 x 59 24 x 70 26 x 75
Palm - - - 841320K 12 x 26 16 x 36 20.5 x 40 22 x 42


Let us know if you wish to consider one of these premium nozzles for your Kasco pond fountain



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