A simple guide on pond fountains

A simple guide on pond fountains

If you own a property that has a pond, you know how important it is to maintain the overall look of a pond. By installing a good fountain pump and fountain, you not only make it more appealing but also keep the water fresh and free from pollution.

Why you need a Fountain?

If you live in an area where there are prolonged months of warm weather, the stagnant water in your pond can become a breeding ground for unwanted insects and other harmful elements. No one likes to sit or walk near a pond the is covered with green algae and stinks. However, when you install a fountain, it keeps the water fresh by moving the water both above and below the surface.

Now, you must be thinking about how to choose the right pump for your pond? The answer is simple, you need to consider two things while buying a pond fountain.

1) Size of the fountain

The main thing to remember while purchasing a fountain pump is the pattern and the height of the fountain. Make sure that the spray of the fountain should not be more than the width of the pond. If the spray it too high and wide, the water will go out and your pond will end up emptying itself. Also, consider the depth of the water as the power cord should drop down to the bottom and come up to the slope to the power outlet.

2) Position of the fountain

Usually people place their fountain in center of the pond, especially if you using a single fountain. If your pond is big and you want use multiple pond fountain displays, then you should consider the position as well. You should think of the shapes of design in which you can place your fountains to make it more attractive.

A floating fountain not only makes your pond more attractive but also help in maintaining the overall ecosystem of the pond. Here is the list of benefits you get when you install fountains in pond:

  • A Pond fountain helps in improving the overall quality of water. It continuously mixes the dissolved oxygen in the water, which eliminates things like bottom sediments that are responsible for the foul smell.
  • Stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitos; when you install a fountain the water moves continuously, which prevents mosquitos from growing. It acts as a natural mosquito control system.
  • A Pond fountain also helps in improving the overall aquatic habitat. In stagnant water, thermal stratification leads to depletion in oxygen level. This results in the death of fish. When proper aeration is provided, this thermal stratification is disrupted, which creates a healthier habitat for the aquatic organism.

A pond fountain helps in maintaining the look, improves overall water quality and encourages aquatic habitat to grow. So, if you have a pond, you should install a pond fountain immediately.

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