7 Ways to Decorate Your Pond

7 Ways to Decorate Your Pond

If you have just built your backyard pond, or if you have a large natural pond already on your property, you should think of giving it a cool makeover. Maintaining a pond can be quite a task, but if you are committed to it, nothing can stop you. There are many ideas that could be helpful to redecorate your pond. For large ponds, you could install floating fountains and some nice water plants. Waterfalls are nice but for large ponds require super-large and heavy boulders or they look like baby toys in a bathtub. But of small, backyard ponds, a waterfall is a nice addition. You can pick and choose from the following ideas to suit your budget and space. Let’s take a look at some innovative ways to redecorate your backyard or large property.

1. Budget-friendly Fountains

There are a lot of floating pond fountains that can beautify your pond. They also add the much-needed aeration to the pond and keep it clean. There are a variety of fountains available that will change the look of your pond and also get you lots of compliments from your friends. For buying a fountain on a budget, even with changing color lights, you should visit our discount pond fountains link.

2. Plants

For small, backyard ponds, plants add a lot of spark to your pond and keep the garden’s atmosphere nice and fresh. It’s a great idea to get some bog plants and marginal plants to make your garden beautiful. Get some water lilies, irises and canna lily and either plant them at the shallow side of the pond or getting some floating pots. Plants always pep up the garden area. You can also get some submerged plants like willow moss that grow under the water and are great for oxygenating the water. Of course, plants can be added to small or large ponds, but be careful. Do not overplant. And make sure you buy the ones that will be easy to take care of and not ones that will overgrow.

3. Waterfall

Waterfalls are great to enhance the beauty of your garden pond. They also produce a soothing sound  that is magical to the ears. A waterfall is another way to provide aeration to the pond. Finding the best-looking boulders can be a challenge. In general, you would like to find, or purchase, boulders with a great deal of definition in a variety of shapes and sizes, and usually the largest boulders are placed at the base of waterfall with smaller ones placed at the top. Spillways are often formed by placing flagstone horizontally, but you can also find acrylic or stainless steel spillways if that is the look you desire. Remember that unless you have deeply clay soil, you need to place liner beneath the rocks, even if you are also using concrete. Concrete is porous and often cracks over time. As a rule of thumb, there should be 100 gallons of hour flow for every inch of spillway width. In other words, if your spillway is three feet above the pond and six inches wide, your pump should make the water flow 600 gallons per hour at three feet of “head.”

4. Lights

While a pond is known to beautify the atmosphere in the day, lights can extend their beauty even in the dark. You can create a stunning view for an evening outdoor party and impress your guests. There are quite a few light kits for small ponds, often daisy chained together, available on websites like Amazon. For larger ponds, you will need to purchase a pond light kit that can be attached to your floating fountain.

5. Fish

If you want to create a stress-free environment in your garden, add some fish into your pond. They add great color to the pond and also help to keep the garden clean. Koi and goldfish are two popular pond fishes for small, backyard ponds. If you wish to introduce frogs in the pond, make sure you don’t add any fish. As fishes eat the tadpoles and it could be quiet disheartening to your garden. For large ponds, catfish, perch, and bass are popular.

6. Stones

Pebbles and small stones are great ways to decorate your small pond. They can fill in the gaps between boulders and protect liner from UV rays. You can also add some bigger stones in the shallow areas of the pond for birds and insects to land and drink water.

7. Bridge

Building a bridge over your small pond is every garden lover’s wish. It not only beautifies the pond but also makes it accessible. It is also a great perching area for birds. If you have fish in your pond, a bridge is a great idea to view them. You can either build it from scratch or get some professional help to make one.

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