New Universal Fountain Light Kit

New Universal Fountain Light Kit

We are happy to announce that Fountain Mountain is producing new universal light kits for floating pond fountains under our brand name of Fountain Tech.

These stainless steel fixtures include a 24-volt transformer for much less voltage drop than a 12-volt system. Each fixture is 6-watts, 3 fixtures per set, for plenty of illumination. Especially designed for Fountain Tech floats, these will also work with other brands. The stainless steel brackets are 1 3/8" wide with three holes drilled in each bracket. If these holes do not work for you, you can drill additional ones into the stainless steel bracket plates. 

Each light kit incudes the 24-volt transformer, three heavy-duty stainless steel brackets (angle is adjustable), stainless steel screws for mounting to your float, and 100' cable to go from transformer to float.

You may choose between warm white color and changing RGB color. the changing RGB colors are automatic and cannot be adjusted. These units do not currently offer a remote, though in the future they will. The lights, if you order automatic changing color, have three speeds, slow, medium, and rapid flashing, and change colors between red, green, blue, white, amber, cyan, and magenta. Their intensity also changes for more variety. You can order these new pond light kits here:  pond lights

Two great things about these new fountain light kits: they are quite durable and super-inexpensive. Please compare to prices of other companies.

If you want to choose the color with a remote, then we suggest you purchase one of our fountain light kits with remote.



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