About Various Pond Light Kits

About Various Pond Light Kits

Pond fountains can disappear in the night if not illuminated. But LED kits can make them dazzle in a way you just can't witness during the day. Pond fountains with lights take pond beauty the extra step.

But which ones to buy?

We at Fountain Mountain offer our own brand of light kits for our line of floats starting at a mere $175 with free shipping for our three kinds of closeout models. These are in blue with 100' cable for $175. We also have a closeout special on our cool white or RGB (changing color) LED kits with 150' or 200' cables. (We are out of the 100' foot option.) If long cables seem too much for you, remember, most of the cable sits at the bottom of the pond and nobody will know it's there. These 24v, long-cord models are available until we run out for only $200 with free shipping. 

We are making way for our new universal LED kit which will fit most floats. These are available with 100' cable only for now. These  are beautifully engineered kits for only $350 with free shipping.

We also offer universal LED kits with remote control from another vendor for $439 with free shipping for 3-watt fixtures and $599 for 9-watt models.

We also sell Kasco universal LED kits for $1,119 with free shipping. These units include four LED's instead of only three like all the kits listed above so far.

We also sell Kasco LED kits for their brand of fountains starting at $952 for LED kits with color lenses and Scott light kits starting at $926. 

For Scott products, it is necessary to buy a Scott kit because of the design of their floats.

We know that all these options are overwhelming. You can always buy one of our pond fountain with lights kits so that you know that you have a match and don't have to delve further on your own.

But you are also welcome to call us for advice at 805-928-8886




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