Solar Pond Aeration for One Acre Pond

Solar Pond Aeration for One Acre Pond

Solar Pond Aerator for One Acre Pond


We get quite a few requests for solar fountains and aerators, and these are the most difficult to respond to. The problem, the MAIN problem, is that these systems, if of quality, are quite expensive. solar aeration

In perusing the internet, we have found that quite a few vendors are advertising a solar pond aerator for one acre pond that will supposedly aerate a 1-acre pond with the use of only one solar panel. Well, that panel better be really, really huge—that’s what we have to say.

Some advertise “battery free,” as though that is a plus; while others advertise “with battery” (and by that is meant a marine, deep cycle battery).  You see, the technology of solar aeration is not like the technology of Tesla. It is still in its early stages.

The only units we are comfortable selling right now are manufactured by Kasco Marine in Wisconsin. They have several engineers and biologists on staff that make us feel good about their products’ quality.

The Kasco solar pond fountains and aerators are currently the most powerful on the market and may be used in anything from farm ponds to industrial environments. They are available in solar only or you can also use solar supplemented by grid power. They use an all-in-one inverter and Variable Frequency Drive motors with maximum power point tracking to utilize the most solar power available.

The minimum number of panels on a Kasco unit is four. Not one or two.

All solar units are expensive,but do save you from having to run hundreds of feet of cable out to a distant pond, save on your electricity bill, and, as solar, don’t do damage to the environment.

Kasco solar units are available in 1/2 to 2HP fountain and surface aerator options, or, for bottom aeration using up to three diffusers!

Solar Only Option

Solar only systems use solar energy to maximize operation during daylight hours. In partial sunlight (morning and afternoon), the system will run at a reduced speed extending the daily run time. These packages include the PicoCell™ 3500 Control Panel.

Blender Controller Option

These systems utilize solar power during the day and grid power at night to provide 24/7 performance. These packages include the PicoBlender™ 2500 Control Panel.

Product Features of Kasco Solar Units

  • Operate standard Kasco 50hz / 60hz, 1/2-2HP units (2HP units must be 3 phase)
  • Soft start function to maximize runtime and extended available solar hours
  • Status LEDs to indicate operating status and fault conditions
  • Easily add additional solar panels to increase performance and extend daily run time from solar
  • GFCI motor protection


  • Unit: Standard Kasco warranty
  • Controller: 1 year
  • Solar panels: 10 years

We will give more specifics if you are interested once you see the cost of solar fountains.  We do recommend, however, that you do a great deal of research on solar units before installing one. They are still relatively new and have challenges before them, and we want to make sure you buy something with known quality.

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