Fountain Tech 3500-33' Outdoor Pump

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Uses 1 1/2″ inside diameter tubing or connect to 1 1/2" male PVC. Male or female. This pump is great for large fountains or for ponds up to 3500 gallons. Note that this pump comes with a 33' cord and is not meant to replace pump for floating fountains, which usually include at least 100' of cord. Though almost all of our pumps have adjustable flow, the adjustment dial will not decrease flow by much. This is so that not too much back-pressure is put on the pump, which could result in damage. If you need to control flow more dramatically, you can add a flow valve if using PVC, or crimp the tubing once you get further from the pump if you are using vinyl tubing. When purchasing a pump, take measurements to make sure it fits into your fountain's dimensional space.

  • 3500 gallons per hour.
  • Inline Pump & Submersible.
Item# Watts Max.Head GPH Pipe Size 240 3 6 9




1.5 0 3200 2900 2000



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