Always Remember Aeration When You Buy Fountain Ponds

The presence of fountains and the addition of oxygen to ponds from pumps deplete nutrients needed by algae to survive and prosper. One of the major tasks of the fountain pump is to ensure that water in the pond is constantly flowing. Circulation and aeration are the main reasons why you must buy fountain ponds.

Benefits of a fountain pond

  • If you buy fountain ponds, oxygen will be added to the water, thereby preventing the growth of algae by eliminating necessary nutrients. Due to aeration from the fountains, algae spores are dispersed to deeper parts of the pond, which deprive them of nutrients again.
  • Decorative value can be added to your garden with a fountain
  • A healthy ecosystem is created as a result of aeration from the fountain, enabling fish and other aquatic life to survive. This is because oxygen levels are enhanced both at the top and the bottom of the pond.
  • Due to fountains, water from the surface goes to the bottom, and vice versa. Water from the bottom gets enhanced due to oxygen, preventing hydrogen sulfide from collecting at the bottom and emanating a foul odor.
  • Constant aeration leads to better water quality
  • Since the fountain prevents water from being still, very few mosquitoes are able to breed
  • Lesser organic sediment accumulates at the bottom of the pond

50% circulation rule

According to the 50 % circulation rule, the fountain pump needs to circulate the pond’s entire volume of water in every two hours. In other words, if you have an 800-gallon pond, the pump available with your fountain should be able to discharge back 400 gph (gallons per hour) of water to the pond.

The best way of understanding how water ought to be circulated in the fountain pond is to see and observe a tropical or marine fish aquarium across the side, to take note of how water circulates and moves in the tank.

What can happen due to incorrect water circulation?

If there are both inlets and outlets at the pond’s surface, a large body of stagnant water will remain at the bottom of the pond. If an outlet happens to be located directly opposite to an inlet in the pond, there will be dead areas in its corners. Inlet water must be directed towards a wall within the pond, for enabling circular motion.

Make your garden pretty

One of the easiest ways to make your garden appear prettier is to purchase a water feature such as a fountain pond. Fountains today can be bought across a variety of prices, and most of them are really affordable. Gone are the days when only the rich and famous would have these fountains in their massive gardens.

Tabletop fountains can be easily installed along with your container gardens or gorgeous flowers, and this is highly suitable for most apartment dwellers. You may consider using a liner to build a pond, with the aim of making it really pretty. Other ways of making the ponds elaborate include the addition of streams, and also waterfalls.