FF-100large pond fountain

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Our largest discounted floating pond fountain. Closeout Prices for Winter.  Complete with 6000 gph pump, 27" durable float, 100' of mooring rope, steel filter basket, and nozzles for 6 patterns. Displays up to 18' tall and up to 36' in diameter. Simple installation. No tools required. Geyser display up to 18 feet tall. "Skinny Trumpet" is an arch display about 12' tall. Also there is a wide "V" display and a "V" shaped with short geyser display. Now comes with locknut for easy change of nozzles. Also, 2 new nozzles for higher water flow. The 7 slot (9' tall and 24' wide) and 24 hole nozzle (10' tall and 36' wide). UL-approved. YouTube assembly instructions on Fountain Mountain channel. This is a superb pond fountain, especially for the price. Comes with 100' cable, but you can purchase with 150-200' cable as well. Easy to add lights if you want. The price is $429 plus $60 shipping. Choose flat rate. Ships Fed Ex. No sales tax outside of California. This is a great pond fountain.

Again, here are the nozzle displays:

Geyser  18' , skinny

Skinny Trumpet, 12' tall, arched

Wide V, height and width are adjustable, so they vary

Wide V with geyser   Again, height and width are adjustable

Hi-Flow 7-slot: 9' tall, 24' wide

Hi-Flow 24-hole: 10' tall, 36' wide

Now comes with float lock nut for easier to change nozzles.

Uses 550 watts, standard 110-120V plug.

Right now we only have 150' and 200' in stock!