Kasco LED-8012 Puck Lights

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FREE SHIPPING. For the Kasco2400 fountains and Kasco 3400 fountains only. 8 Fixtures, 6 lights per fixture in white, red, green, blue, or amber. CALL TO TELL US WHICH COLOR! !

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Model LED-8012 Puck Lights


This is an 8 set of LED Puck fixtures with 6 LED bulbs in each  fixture. Creates a dramatic display for the xStream fountain. Nests neatly into the float of the 2400SF xStream fountain.  Available in white, blue, red, green, or amber. LED of course uses a minimal amount of electricity. Quite durable. The reason you must call to tell us which color you want is that these fixtures use different LED light bulbs determined by you! Thus no colored lens is required, and though lens covers can change light color, they also reduce total light output. By choosing your bulb color, you are maximizing output.

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