FF-100LightKit, 24v, Stainless Steel LED, LED with Remote Control

  • Product Code: FF-100LightKit, 24v, Stainless Steel LED, LED with Remote
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Our newest LED kit includes a 24-volt transformer for extra luminosity.  Comes with 100' cable standard, in lengths up to 200'  Includes brackets and stainless steel mounting screws. three stainless steel fixtures. 6 one-watt LED lights per fixture. Available in white for $349 or $369 RGB with remote with heavy duty fixture connectors. The remote allows you to change to these color patterns:

Static colors: Red, Blue, Cyan, White ( a combination of all colors), Green, Yellow, and Purple.  

Changing colors: 7 colors changing slowly, 3 colors changing fast, or changing rhythms.

Note: If you are using a timer, when the lights first turn back on they will go to default mode: 7 colors changing slowly. You would need to use the remote to make a different choice.

We are discounting these light kits beginning June 1 because some people are having trouble with remote. If remote goes out, lights will rotate colors automatically. No warranty on remote control. Sorry. The lights automatically go through a cycle of changing colors if remote fails.

Note: if white is your desired color, ordering the WHITE only kit will provide the purest and brightest option. The WHITE in this kit is created by all the static colors blending together to create white.