Ftech Floating Fountain Parts

Parts for Fountain Tech floating fountain kits, including fountain floats, nozzle kits, filter baskets, and fountain pumps. We include this category for customers who need to buy parts over the years.

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FF-float for F-tech floating fountain

27" durable float for F-tech floating fountain series. Includes two holes for mooring rope and 3 bra..



Filter Basket

Stainless Steel (painted black) filter basket for Ftech floating fountain units. May be placed aroun..



NFTech 3-Nozzle Kit with Locknut

Fountain Tech 3-Nozzle Replacement kit for Ftech Floating Fountains. You can use with Small, Medium,..



N-FTech 2-Nozzle Kit

2 High Flow Nozzles, 7 slots one, 24 slots the other, for higher volume than our smaller-holed nozzl..



N-Ftech Gusher Replacement Nozzle

N-Ftech Gusher Replacement Nozzle for Ftech 1900-6000 Floating Fountain Kits   Up to 18" h..



N-Ftech Locknut

1 1/2" locknut to fit on top of Fountain Tech Floats and hold pump in place while you change nozzles..



N-Ftech Skinny Trumpet Replacement Nozzle

Skinny Trumpet Replacement Nozzle for Ftech 1900-6000 GPH pumps.  Fountain Nozzle for 1 1/..



N-FTech Wide V and V with Gusher Nozzle

Use as wide V or V with Gusher. Replacement Nozzle for Ftech 1900-6000 GPH Floating Fountain Kits...



N-Ftech-7 Hole High Flow Replacement Nozzle

High Flow Replacement Nozzle for Fountain Tech X-large Floating Fountain Kits..



Fountain Tech 3500-100 pump

Replacement pump for Fountain Tech Large Floating Fountain Kit. 100', 150', or 200' cord available. ..



Fountain Tech 14,000 GPH Replacement Pump

Replacement pump for X-large floating fountain unit, 14000 GPH..



Fountain Tech 1900-50 Replacement Pump

Fountain Tech 1900gph replacement pump for small Fountain Tech floating fountain kit. Truly energy e..



Fountain Tech 6000-100 pump

Fountain Tech 6000gph replacement fountain pump for Fountain Tech Large floating fountain kit. Comes..



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