Solar Pumps

We only have some models in stock now. Stock varies. High quality solar pump units. Note, solar pumps work when there is full sunlight or a battery backup is used in conjunction with them for storing energy. Good product for fountains that do not require a steady flow. Some fountains, like spitters or deer scarers (shishi odoshi) look even more natural when they work with the sunlight, going off when clouds pass by. However, if you are using "stately" kinds of fountains that require steady and consistent flow, solar is not a good choice without battery backup.

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Small Solar Pump Kit

This is a high quality unit for small water features. We do not sell inferior solar products. We..



Solar Pond Spitter Kit

Solar Pond Spitter Kit includes duck spitter, tubing, solar panel, solar pump, mount, very cute ..



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We scoured the market for quality solar pumps.