Fountain Tech 1250 Outdoor Pump

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Uses 3/4″ and 1″ inside diameter tubing. This is a powerful fountain pump with high head. This pump may be used for large fountains or as a pond fountain or aerator. Note in the pump curve table below that at 80" height it is still doing about 800 gallons per hour.

Though almost all of our pumps have adjustable flow, the adjustment dial will not decrease flow by much. This is so that not too much back-pressure is put on the pump, which could result in damage. If you need to control flow more dramatically, you can add a flow valve if using PVC, or crimp the tubing once you get further from the pump if you are using vinyl tubing.






1280 gallons per hour. Submersible Pump. One Year Warranty.

 156" head, adjustable dial flow, nice quiet pump, 12' -25' cord.

 Pump is approximately 5" long, 3.75" wide, and 4.4" tall.