FF-100LightKit, 12v, Universal Stainless Steel LED for Floating Fountains

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You will not find this superior quality light kit for this kind of price anywhere else.

Discounted $60 beginning Oct. 23, 2020!!

3-fixture LED light kit for Fountain Tech Discount Floating Pond Fountains.  Also may be used with other brands. But please see details below in bold.

Each six-watt fixture provides lots of illumination. Rated by factory at 600 lumens per fixture. That's a total of 1800 lumens! Makes for a beautiful pond fountain accent. We tried  pond light kit after pond light kit until we found a product we deemed reliable and bright.

You can buy all blue or slow-changing colors: red, blue, green, yellow, purple, cyan and white. Color changes every two-three seconds. 

Each kit includes:

3 Stainless Steel fixtures (6 watts each)

100' of cable. We are out of longer cords right now. Sorry.!

12-Volt Transformer with 120-v plug in

Stainless steel hardware

Durable fixture mounts for attaching to float

1-year warranty

269.00 plus 25.00 flat rate shipping OR Free shipping if you buy with a floating fountain

For universal application, please see image of our mounting bracket to make sure it will fit your float.  Rectangular  side of bracket is  2 7/8" long and 1 5/8" wide. You will need to be able to fit this bracket to your float. There is a large hole for inserting bolt. Most pond fountain floats have holes in them for attaching lights. Please inspect your float to make sure.

This is truly a great pond light kit for the money. Nice construction and high lumens.