A-Supreme X-Large Stainless Steel Pump, Complete Kit

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Comes with 14,000 gph pump with stainless steel housing, premium  36" float,  90-100' nylon mooring,  stainless steel filter cage, 3 four-inch nozzles, 100' of electrical cable. This is a beautiful kit that will inspire your neighbors to do get one. Hundreds of dollars less than competitors' prices. Currently, pump only available in 100' cord. 110-120v only. Pump only uses 590 watts! 4.8 running amps. 18-month warranty, though we predict pump will last much longer. Nothing else to go wrong. And we sell the pump, too, if you need a new one later.

Aerating Fountain V-Pattern: CLASSIC

Classic V-shape. 6' tall, 16' wide pattern. Provides the most aeration of the three nozzles.

Crown and Trumpet Pattern

Still provides lots of aeration with an 8' tall thick geyser and 32' wide spray pattern.

Trumpet Pattern

14' tall and 7' Wide pattern. Thick water droplets. The least aeration is provided by this nozzle.

Beautiful displays. Very nice sounding pond fountain. Big water droplets provide a deep-sounding ambiance.

For ponds with a lot of muck buildup, you might want to add Kasco Macrozyme, a bacteria which is non-toxic to humans, fish, and other animals, and  releases billions of beneficial bacteria and enzymes to reduce muck and neutralize odors and clean your water. One 8 0z bag treats 1/2 acre foot of water. Also, pumps will last longer in cleaner water! You can also add lights at checkout if desired.

If you order lights, please read the description of each light kit so that there is no confusion.

Requires min. 30" depth

We are discounting our light kits with remote beginning June 1 because some people are having trouble with remote. If remote goes out, lights will rotate colors automatically. No warranty on remote control. Sorry.