1/2HP Floating Fountain with Remote-control Lights and GFI Control Box with Timer, $1150, Free Shipping

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  • $1,150.00


Amazing deal on a fountain with lights and control box. Also, FREE SHIPPING when you buy this whole package.

Comes with:

*14,000 gallon-per-hour pump with and 100' of electrical cable standard (150'-200' also available) UL-approved.

*Premium  30" float

*100' nylon mooring tether

*Large steel filter cage

*Three 4-inch nozzles (not the puny 1 1/2 sized ones that restrict flow)

*Three stainless steel, changing color, programmed LED fixtures, 6 watts each, 24V UL-approved transformer for more brightness. With Remote Control. You choose the color by pressing remote button! Static colors: Red, Blue, Cyan, White ( a combination of all colors), Green, Yellow, and Purple.  

Changing colors: 7 colors changing slowly, 3 colors changing fast, or changing rhythms.

*Floating Fountain UL-approved Control Box by Intermatic plugs right into your outlet. This control box includes a GFCI. Timer for pump, Photocell for lights. This is a great option if you are adding lights and want a timer enclosed in a rain-protected enclosure. Two separate plug-ins, one for lights, one for pump. One-year warranty. Rain-proofed for outdoor use.

*15-month warranty

Several hundred dollars less than competitors' prices. This is a beautiful kit that will inspire your neighbors to do get one.  Currently, pump only available  110-120v. Pump only uses 590 watts! 15-month warranty, though we predict pump will last much longer. Nothing else to go wrong. And we sell the pump, too, if you need a new one later. 

Aerating Fountain V-Pattern: CLASSIC

Classic V-shape. 6' tall, 16' wide pattern. Provides the most aeration of the three nozzles.

Crown and Trumpet Pattern

Still provides lots of aeration with an 8' tall thick geyser and 32' wide spray pattern.

Trumpet Pattern

14' tall and 7' Wide pattern. Thick water droplets. The least aeration is provided by this nozzle.

Beautiful displays. Very nice sounding pond fountain. Big water droplets provide a deep-sounding ambiance.