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  • 33' cord, not adjustable flow. Submersible Pump. One Year Warranty.
  • Pump is approximately 10" long, 6" wide, and 8.5" tall.
  • Accepts 3/4", 1", 1 1/4", and 1 1/2" vinyl tubing ,or 1 1/2" PVC out and 2" PVC in.
  • This is a powerful pump for large pond and fountain features. We have rated the flow fairly (Independently tested). The factory rates it much higher than we do. At three feet of head (rise) the pump still puts out 5700gph). Note though, installing this large of pump, it is imperative you used the widest tubing or PVC possible. Though this pump will accept 3/4" tubing, flow is greatly reduced of you choose to use that size. It is best to use 1 1/2" tubing or PVC out of the pump. 
  • Fountain Mountain was established in 1999 and incorporated in 2004. We sell our own line of pumps (Fountain Tech) as well as Kasco fountains and aerators. We respond by telephone, fax, or email to questions, concerns, or comments. We do not hard sell anything but try to inform the customer.
ItemWattsMax-HeadGPH36 feet10 feet13 feet16 feet
FT-600066032 feet610057005300470042003600