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Complete floating fountain kit including steel filter basket, 3500 gallon per hour pump with long cord, heavy duty float, four pattern nozzle kit, even rope! Assembles in five minutes. Includes a gusher display up to 18 feet tall, our "skinny trumpet" display about 12' tall, a "V" shaped display (height varies according to diameter you choose, and a "V" shaped with small geyser (Again, height varies) A solid kit. This is our own brand and we have sold over a thousand. One-year warranty on complete unit. Only uses 300 watts! Very energy efficient.  389.00 plus 50 dollars shipping.

The float can be tethered, with included rope, to the shore. Or you can use cinder blocks. If using these, do NOT place them right under the fountain. You should place each cinder block or other anchor three feet to the side of the float for every foot on pond depth. Thus, a 5 foot deep pond equals 15 feet horizontally from the float.

For ponds where the water fluctuates it depth a great deal, please call or email us and we can email you photo illustrations.

Uses only 350 watts.