Discount Floating Fountains & Pond Fountains

Cheap floating fountains for small ponds to large. Many  pond fountain models and displays. Our Ftech pond fountains provide 4-6 fountain displays, depending on the model. Really great prices and low-energy consumption for pond aeration and beauty.

Over the years we received countless requests for fountains that don't cost too much to operate or to buy, either. So we developed this product line of Ftech floating pond fountains. These are complete, ready to plug in kits. 

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The EcoSeries™ Floating Fountain showcases beautiful industry leading spray patterns that outmatch o..



FF-100large pond fountain

Fountain Tech's original floating pond fountain. Great price on this. Winter closeout. Winter prices..



FF-100xlarge pond fountain

Our largest discounted floating pond fountain. Closeout Prices for Winter.  Complete with 6000 ..



FF-1900 pond fountain

Winter Closeout on this small floating pond fountain. For up to  one-tenth of an acre. Comes wi..



FF-2500 pond fountain

This is a great deal on this small pond fountain. Lots of big water droplets make up four different ..



Mini Floating Fountain

Features:1) 48pcs LED light, super bright, floats on the water surface2) Perfect effect in day a..



Mini Pond Fountain 1250

This is a very pretty fountain. r. Our display heights are accurate. Don't be fooled by some com..



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