Kasco 3400H-JF pond fountain

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Please note this is the 240v Kasco pond fountain model. Very nice display, but really as far as aeration goes this is for smaller ponds (up to one/half acre).

Kasco’s 3400JF decorative fountains are the perfect way to add class to any small or mid-size pond or lake. This versatile fountain comes with five interchangeable nozzle heads giving you the option to choose and change the spray pattern as you wish. Optional lighting packages are available to extend the visual impact of your fountain into the evening hours.

These floating fountain units are available in a variety of power configurations including 120V single phase (60Hz), 240V single phase (60 Hz), and 220V single phase (50 Hz). These easily installed pond fountains come complete and ready to go with everything you need to add beauty and drama to your water.

  • Five nozzles included with patterns ranging from 3-7 ft. H x 4-20 ft. W (1-2M x 1.5-6M)
  • Can operate in water as shallow as 17.5 in. (.5M)
  • High efficiency design means low power consumption and low operating costs (7.3 running amps on 120V, 3.7 running amps on 240V circuits, 3.8 running amps on 220V 50 Hz circuits)
  • Unique Kasco water-deflecting nozzle design delivers industry best clog-resistance
  • Optional light packages available
  • Heavy-duty motor and corrosion resistant design; suitable for salt-water or other corrosive environments
  • Safety Tested: ETL listed to UL and CSA standards, 50Hz model CE marked
  • Low maintenance and dependable design
  • Multiple options for power cord length (see charts below); all SJTOW underwater rated
  • Two 50 ft. (15M) braided nylon mooring ropes included
  • Ships via FedEx
  • 2 year warranty

Patterns Included:






Part NumberCord LengthVoltagePhaseControllerLightsMinimum DepthAmpsNumber of BoxesLinden (Height)Linden (Width)Cypress (Height)Cypress (Width)Willow (Height)Willow (Width)Juniper (Height)Juniper (Width)Sequoia (Height)Sequoia (Width)
3400HJF05050 ft.208-2401C85Optional LED17.5 in.3.726 ft.18 ft.6 ft.16 ft.4.5 ft.15 ft.3 ft.20 ft.7 ft.4 ft.
3400HJF100100 ft.208-2401C85Optional LED17.5 in3.726 ft.18 ft.6 ft.16 ft.4.5 ft.15 ft.3 ft.20 ft.7 ft.4 ft.
3400HJF150150 ft.208-2401C85Optional LED17.5 in.3.746 ft.18 ft.6 ft.16 ft.4.5 ft.15 ft.3 ft.20 ft.7 ft.4 ft.
3400HJF200200 ft.208-2401C85Optional LED17.5 in.3.746 ft.18 ft.6 ft.16 ft.4.5 ft.15 ft.3 ft.20 ft.7 ft.4 ft.
3400HJF250250 ft.208-2401C85Optional LED17.5 in.3.746 ft.18 ft.6 ft.16 ft.4.5 ft.15 ft.3 ft.20 ft.7 ft.4 ft.
3400HJF300300 ft.208-2401C85Optional LED17.5 in.3.746 ft.18 ft.6 ft.16 ft.4.5 ft.15 ft.3 ft.20 ft.7 ft.4 ft.
3400HJF400400 ft.208-2401C85Optional LED17.5 in.3.746 ft.18 ft.6 ft.16 ft.4.5 ft.15 ft.3 ft.20 ft.7 ft.4 ft.
3400HJF500500 ft.208-2401C85Optional LED17.5 in.3.746 ft.18 ft.6 ft.16 ft.4.5 ft.15 ft.3 ft.20 ft.7 ft.


Benefits of Kasco Fountains and Aerators:

       - Most energy-conscious floating fountain, aerator manufacturer in the industry
       - Superior quality in pond fountain, aeration design
       - Safe: Total fountain, Aerator Packages ETL-approved to UL and CE standards
       - Superior customer support