Enhance your garden decor by using a pond fountain

Enhance your garden decor by using a pond fountain

You can select from a wide variety of options when deciding on the type of pond fountain. Also referred to as garden fountains or lake fountains, pond fountains come in various sizes. These are not to be confused with waterfalls, which are formed by rocks, which water cascades over. Pond fountains can be stationary or floating. The disadvantage of stationary fountains is that when water rises in the pond, the fountain’s nozzle can become submersed. A floating fountain, held in place by a float with ropes attached, stays in the desired spot but rises and lowers with water levels. You should be keen on picking the pond fountains for you, with a lot of choices. We sell our own line of Fountain Tech fountains for those on a budget, as well as fountains by Kasco and Scott, using up to 7.5 HP pumps.

A unique way to add dissolved oxygen to your pond water and character to your landscape is to add pond fountains. One of the best ways to impress any guest or visiting friend or relative is by having modern pond fountains in your backyard pond.

Guide to Pond Fountains

· Ponds have traditionally included a waterfall features to hide filters and add the necessary dissolved oxygen to the water. Nowadays, with the use of a fountain, the oxygen element can be addressed. Fountains come in all shapes and sizes to suit any taste, with a solution.

· The pump of the pond is submersible, which means that the workings are underwater. The fountain uses the pump to force water through the fountain head and shower water over the pond’s surface. This spray may be a fine mist, a heavy rain-like spray, or any mixture in between, depending on the nozzle you choose. Light features that will complement the water feature can also be included in submersible fountains, making any pond spectacular at night.

· There is no limit to the number of water characteristics you can have in a pond. Many experts indicate that the more oxygen is dissolved into the water for the fish and plants to use, the more water agitation and the better fish and pond health. How much turbulence you would like to have on the surface would be the only consideration.

How do you find the right pond fountain?

It should come as no surprise that a wide range of pond fountains are available because ponds come in so many different shapes and varieties. Also, these fountains have a lot of different features available. While it’s always nice to have lots of options, it can actually be somewhat overwhelming to have the available sheer number. A fountain can give any water feature a great touch, as long as you spend a little time on maintenance, it should provide you with pleasure for many years.

If you put it in your pond, pond fountains are very pleasing to the eye as it gives your pond a more attractive look.
Ponds and fountains will greatly increase the beauty and appeal of your garden.