What To Look For in Kasco Fountains

It makes sense to install and own a fountain only when one is able to dedicate money and time towards its maintenance and upkeep. The best operating condition is possible only by following important measures like the use of distilled water, and allowing the fountains to run constantly. Each of the Kasco fountains run with help from water from a suitable fountain pump. Most of these pumps are submersible.

Water fountains are generally the most versatile decorative pieces in any garden. They can easily beautify and increase the value of the building around it. Also, the sounds of flowing water from Kasco fountains have relaxing effects on animals, birds, and other humans.

Water fountains and their types

Humans have manipulated water over the years not just to tap into its potential but also revel in its beauty. However, fountains differ significantly in terms of location, typology, and features. Here are some of the different types:

  1. Sculptural fountains– These water features are the most common among fountains, seen at several village and city venues. They contain several inbuilt sculptural features.
  2. Floating fountains– As the name suggests, these do not have an anchor. They have dynamic designs that make them very attractive. Floating fountains come with fastening cables to ground the devices to the bottom, so that they remain controlled despite the amazing design.
  3. Tiered fountains– These are more like the traditional type of fountains. Like the name suggests, these fountains contain tiers (basins placed at different levels) which shape the water to produce amazingly soothing sounds. With more distance between the tiers, the water sounds become louder since water has to fall through a greater length. One can find them in plazas, courtyards, and several Mediterranean countries.
  4. Cascading fountains– These fountains are subtle and elegant, and water generally flows from a height to a lower level. Use them to create a relaxation hub in any garden.
  5. Pondless fountains– This is a modern type of fountain where a pond or basin is not required, but the water source has to be installed underground. In this decorative fountain, one does not have to worry about the algae since it is below the ground.

In addition to these, one can always have fountains with special effects, which includes VFX and LED composite lighting fountains. VFX are good mixes of display and aeration, and one can also add oxygen to keep fish alive in this beautiful fountain. LED lights in fountains are available at low costs these days, with minimal maintenance charges.

Things to consider while buying fountains

  • Find out about the manufacturer– For good quality units, it is always beneficial to verify the credentials of the manufacturer
  • Consider energy efficient fountains– One can find units with a programmable thermostat to control volume of water and temperature at various times of the day. Some units even come with water sensors to show low water levels.
  • Check features– While some water features have built in lighting, some get it externally. It would matter to the overall efficiency ambience.