Kasco Solar Pond Fountain

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  • $7,786.00


We get many requests for solar pond fountains and aerators. Yes, we do offer them. No, they are not cheap. Kasco solar pond fountains  and aerators are the most powerful on the market and may be used in anything from farm ponds to industrial environments. They are available in solar only or solar supplemented by grid power. They use an all-in-one inverter and Variable Frequency Drive with maximum power point tracking to utilize the most solar power available.

Available in 1/2 to 2HP options.

We will give more specifics if you are interested once you see the cost of solar fountains.  We are listing only some of the products and prices here.

1/2HP Surface Aerator with 50' of cable: $7,859

1 HP VFX Fountain with 50' of cable: $10, 956

2HP J Series Fountain with 100' of cable: $13,755