Kasco Pond and Lake Aerators and Diffusers for aeration only. No fountain display. Highly efficient. For ponds, lakes, sewer ponds, etc. Diffusers recommended for deep ponds.

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Kasco F2400/AF

For 1/2 acre ponds (per Kasco recommendations) Kasco Aerators, or High Oxygen Transfer Units, ar..



Kasco 3400HAF

This is the 240v model of the 3400 aerator. Recommended by Kasco for 3/4 acre ponds. Very powerf..



Kasco F4400HAF

For 1-acre ponds (per Kasco recommendation). This is the 240v version of the 4400 aerator.ItemVo..



Kasco 8400AF

Recommended by Kasco for 2 acre ponds. 240 volts.ItemVoltage / AmpsApprox., GPMSpray PatternShip..



Kasco F5.1AF

Recommended by Kasco for 5 acre ponds. Kasco Aerators, or High Oxygen Transfer Units, are ..



Kasco Diffuser

We sell two units, one without storage. You can build a small shed or use one you already ..



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