Kasco Aeration and Circulation

Kasco Pond and Lake Aerators and Diffusers for aeration only. No fountain display. Highly efficient. For ponds, lakes, sewer ponds, etc. Diffusers recommended for deep ponds. Deep ponds with fish require bottom aeration. Basically, once your pond gets to be deeper than 8 feet, surface aerators can't get down to the bottom. Then you need bottom aerators (diffusers). Circulators fit horizontally and create a slow stream of current. Very efficient. Require little horsepower to work.

As always, we continue to work with HOA's and municipal projects on 30-day terms. Of course, we sell to homeowners the most.

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Kasco F2400 Aerator

FREE SHIPPING.  1/2HP surface aerator by Kasco. Made in USA. This is without float or bottom sc..



Kasco 3400HA pond aerator

FREE SHIPPING. This is the 240v model of the 3400 aerator.  3/4HP Recommended by Kasco for 3/4 ..



Kasco F4400HA

FREE SHIPPING. For 1-acre ponds (per Kasco recommendation). This is the 240v version of the 4400..



Kasco 8400 Aerator

FREE SHIPPING. Recommended by Kasco for 2 acre ponds. 240 volts. Extremely powerful Kasco surface ae..



Kasco F5.1AF, 5HP aerator

FREE SHIPPING. This is a very large pond aerator. Recommended by Kasco for 5 acre ponds. Kas..



Kasco Diffuser

We sell two different kinds of units, one with and one without storage. You can build a small shed o..



Kasco-Bantam Aire Diffusers

Kasco’s Bantam-Aire Diffused Aeration System is the perfect aeration solution for your water feature..



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